Toy Story 4 has been delayed until 2019’s focus on new IP foxpro6.0免费下载

"Toy Story 4" has been delayed until 2019’s focus on new IP as early as 2014, Disney pictures announced Pixar’s classic animation sequel "Toy Story 4" plan will be released in June 16, 2017. This time, Disney announced that the animation was postponed until June 21, 2019, and it was the third time the film had been postponed. But at the same time, Disney also announced that its other animated feature "Superman 2" will be released one year ahead of schedule in June 15, 2018. "Toy Story 4" has been delayed until 2019 despite Disney’s numerous animated sequel is released in the plan, but its Pixar Animation Studios chairman Jim Morris has said in a recent interview, the studio is to develop a new animation theme, they don’t want to make money by making animated sequel. An interview with Pixar’s many classic animated characters may explain why Pixar’s Toy Story 4 was postponed until late on 2019. At the same time, we also look forward to Picks this excellent animation studio can bring us new animation works. (source: Ranger editor: Okami) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

Children escape, hide or copy the work of parents how to do midd-885

The children escape, how do parents or conceal plagiarism in learning, the teacher said no homework, homework; homework not done, that is done; copying others’ homework; examination result is not good, not a paper; low score, high score was renamed…… Sometimes the child shows both sides. Parents of both sides of the child’s behavior, both angry and anxious, and then increase the reprimand, discipline efforts, the results of the two sides of some children not only did not change the behavior, but more clever, more advanced. How should we really solve the two acts? First, the analysis of the child’s spiritual needs, material needs and the need to play, try to meet their reasonable part. That is, parents and children to talk, like friends, so that we can hear the child. Parents do not fully agree with the idea of adult children, some of the child’s needs are often unexpected parents. Sometimes, the children are so in love a little leaf, a small string, always want to play them. Therefore, parents should give children time to play, to see the real needs behind the child lies. Second, learn to affirm and encourage children, and enhance children’s self-confidence, not subjective, arbitrary abuse of criticism, reprimand and punishment. When the error when the children do, when children do not test well, parents are unable to obtain light criticism and scold the good effect. At this time, to the child’s poor to see better, seize a little sometimes praise, encouragement. Parents should be specific to encourage, can not obviously did not test well, but said, you are great, it is unrealistic. Parents can tell the child, although you have so many questions, but you have a problem doing very well, or your silk surface is clean, let the children not to their Nothing is right. In this way, children can enhance self-confidence, when did not test well, dare to say to parents. Third, the integrity of the child education. Parents should give their children an example of honesty. For lying children, parents need to tell their children the dangers of lying and give them a chance to correct them. Fourth, moderate and reasonable punishment. Reasonable punishment is necessary, we can create some effective measures, such as reading a honest story, a copy of famous quotes honest, write a diary or discuss the honesty issues the article did not cancel an outing arrangement etc……. These methods can be used to punish the child’s dishonesty, but these punishments are sometimes mild and moderate, and do not hurt the child’s self-esteem and interest in learning. Today’s topic: what do you have for your children? Send your ideas to our WeChat public number Q treasure pioneer background, the opportunity to get a beautiful gift!相关的主题文章:

5 year old girl was discharged more than 60 anus mite, frightened family! Sohu – ppbox

5 year old girl was discharged more than 60 anus mite, frightened family! Sohu – maternal and child 5 years old girls had more than 60 anal discharge bug, frightened family. Yesterday, the family took the 5 year old girl Xiao Xiao to maternal and child health hospital, doctors diagnosed as pinworm infection, and that the children once discharged so much pinworm is rare. According to Xiao Xiao father, Xiao Xiao night before bed crying, said butt is itching, clawed her pants look, there are a lot of white worm in anal peristalsis, and wipe worms crawled out from the anus, a rough count of more than 60. Maternal and child health hospital pediatrician said, children once discharged so much pinworm is rare. Before going to sleep, anal sphincter relaxation, pinworm typically moves into the anus to ovulation, can cause severe itching and pain around the anus, often crying child. Such as long-term repeated infection, will cause the child irritability, insomnia, loss of appetite. It is understood that Xiao Xiao has been with my grandparents live in the countryside, the summer vacation to Foshan with my parents. Xiao Xiao father said, estimation is not very good country health conditions, cause infected with pinworm disease. The doctor said, to prevent enterobiasis mainly pay attention to personal hygiene, let the child develop the habit of washing hands before and after meals, regular cleaning of toys, clothing and bedding regularly wash and exposure, the children go to kindergarten playground and try not to wear pants. Oxyuriasis in children is a common parasitic disease, pinworm looks like a white line, generally about 2 cm long. In general children intestinal parasitic pinworm, sometimes with the feces, mild infection can cause intestinal mucosal damage, severe infections can cause malnutrition and metabolic disorders. If not treated, pinworm also may invade the reproductive system and urinary system, cause vulvitis, vaginitis, urethritis. If parents see the child repeatedly crying, restless sleep, should pay attention to whether the pinworm. Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章:

PS to create a grinding skin muscle exfoliating can do boee

PS to create a "rub the skin muscle exfoliating can lead: since the PS, our life is like to see hope, no matter how with a skin condition, on the realization of" rub the skin muscle". My skin only oneself know, don’t want to fool myself to get reality version of "dermabrasion"! (source: OnlyLady woman Zhi) Britney Spears Spears before and after grinding the skin, not only the color of the skin, the body’s skin is very tender and smooth Britney. Penelope Cruz Penelope Cruz immediately after the return to the young state of the skin, the skin wrinkles disappear altogether. Madonna Madonna, from 50 years old to reverse the growth of the age of 18, he will be surprised to see it! Jessica Alba Alba Jessica just through the skin, the whole skin is bright, and the smell of hormones. Return to reality, "grinding skin muscle" is only used to do "according to deceive", really have a smooth skin is the pursuit of our life ah! Dermabrasion muscle skills: get Exfoliating Gel STEP 1: first water wet fingers, but face to keep dry, this small action will make the situation is completely different! STEP 2: a large grain of beans in the fingertips extrusion exfoliating gel. STEP 3: with the other fingers to rub off, need some friction Exfoliating Gel, the effect will be better. Began to circle the way the Exfoliating Gel respectively on cheeks, chin, nose and upper lip and forehead STEP 4: begin to circle the way the Exfoliating Gel respectively on cheeks, chin, nose and upper lip and forehead. Continue to play in these areas, at least 60 seconds to maintain, the need for more friction, depending on your mood, within 3 minutes can be. This step if the face is too dry, you can add a little water in hand, to enhance the lubrication. STEP 5: the fingers, palms began playing circle massage face in these parts, 20 seconds. Water with both hands, rub down the skin clean STEP 6: water with both hands, rub down the skin clean. STEP 7: finally, you love the Cleansing Cream do deep cleaning, the residue in the face and the pores of the Exfoliating Gel are all washed away. "You need to wear a skin muscle": Julie Julie Kou Kou clean exfoliating cream cleansing exfoliating cream 100ml480 yuan gently remove the old waste horny, dirt and excess oil adsorbed in the pores, make skin fresh, shiny. Edith house berry cleansing Exfoliating Gel Edith house berry cleansing AHA acid composition containing bilberry fruit rich Exfoliating Gel 120ml98 yuan, helps to soften the skin, effectively remove the accumulation of keratin, a clear skin. Laneige Clarifying Cleansing Cream multi effect multi effect skin cleansing cream Laneige 1.相关的主题文章:

Meranti by Xiamen delayed primary school campus was hit 纪元1701

"Meranti" by Xiamen delayed primary school campus was hit [Abstract] this year the world’s strongest typhoon "Meranti" landing in Xiamen, the impact on Xiamen continues, Xiamen city schools, kindergartens and private schools will postpone the class 2 to 3 days. Some schools have been hit hard by the school and the water and electricity facilities in the schools that have been delayed. Xiamen news September 18th, typhoon "Meranti" in Xiamen is continuing in the Xiamen city schools, kindergartens and private schools will postpone the class 2 to 3 days. Parents and children together to clean up. Haixi morning chart according to the Xiamen Department of education informed, on the island of Xiamen primary school, kindergarten and private schools will be closed for 2 days, 20 days to return to normal school; Xiamen island in Tongan District, all schools delayed 3 days. The island of Xiangan District, Jimei District, Haicang District, part of the school to postpone the class. According to reports, the school delayed the opening of the school, some schools are due to the campus and hydropower facilities suffered heavy losses. Especially some school Tongan and Xiangan, some water electricity only yesterday. The main reason for primary school and kindergartens will be closed for two days, with the "Meranti" typhoon reconstruction work to support, alleviate urban traffic pressure burden. Xiamen many schools affected by the "Meranti". In the past 3 days, Xiamen district to restore the campus in an important position, thousands of troops, teachers, parents and even students into the campus in the post disaster reconstruction in the first time, to restore the original appearance of the campus. 15, since this year the world’s strongest typhoon "Meranti" landing in Xiamen, parts of wind reached more than 17, a record high since meteorological records, Xiamen was seriously affected.相关的主题文章:

Tell Chinese story show Chinese style – International – People’s network 木村kaela

Tell the Chinese story     show Chinese style – International – People’s network of Chinese guests visited the "China day" on display "beautiful China" picture. Newspaper reporter Han Xiaoming photo with China’s role in the world arena continues to expand, the attractiveness of Chinese culture overseas is also enhanced. Recently, China overseas cultural center initiative to organize colorful activities, through the "Chinese day", photography exhibition, seminars and other forms of speaking China story, Chinese closer China exhibition style, and the distance of the world. Cairo — "China day" to let more people know about the 2016 G20 summit in Hangzhou is a culture, the cultural exchanges between the two countries is very warm; in September, for the first time in Egypt as a guest of the leaders of the group of twenty summit held in Chinese, is the Egyptian media on China’s attention to a new level. Seize this opportunity, Cairo Chinese cultural center held a series of activities during the national day, introduced China, interpretation of China, so that the people of Egypt approached the Chinese culture. "We hold the" China day "activities, let the colorful activities to the Egyptian people with sensory feast." China Embassy Cultural counsellor and director of the Cairo China cultural center Chen Dongyun said in an interview with this reporter. "China day" activities in the center of the selection of the Cairo reporters union hall, the activities of the content, including theatrical performances, film screenings, book show, scholars lecture. The seminar is a long time engaged in the Sino Egyptian friendly activities of the Egyptian scholars to explain the development of the concept of the G20 Hangzhou peak club, so that the Egyptian people have a better understanding of the outcome of the summit. "The idea of holding a seminar is the initiative of Egyptian scholars, the cultural center immediately adopted the proposal." Chen Dongyun said, in general, the Egyptian people’s focus on China is more concentrated in the economic field. Hangzhou summit success is a good opportunity to help improve their Strike while the iron is hot., Chinese on cultural perception and understanding of Chinese." In addition, the annual photo exhibition also held during the National Day in Cairo and Alexander. This year’s exhibition theme is "China story", rich picture of Egypt led the audience into the beautiful China; just from China further back Egypt young scholar Heller will own Nadi? M report place at the Cairo cultural center China, his Chinese knowledge, China’s leaders in governance philosophy to explain to attract a lot of local the audience; China martial arts, "Confucius library" and other cultural activities are also held during the National Day, this cultural center actively preparing elaborate selection activities, venues, hoping to do more and more popular activities. "Now we promote more local people to come to the stage, cultural center, giving them a platform to change the" one-way "activity mode." Chen Dongyun said. Speaking of the recent years Cairo cultural center held a national day activities, Chen Dongyun used "proud" to describe his feelings: "in recent years, held in the National Day period of cultural activities, a new year, can make people feel China development every year. Look at the local people linger in the event).相关的主题文章: